Saturday, 12 December 2015

Y7&8: CE Global Location I

The British Isles

These are all of the Global Location features for the British Isles on the CE Syllabus. Print out the map below and mark these places on it. 
You might find it easier to print two copies and complete one physical map and one human one ...

Map of the British Isles

Physical Features:

 1.    Sea areas:    
  a.       English Channel
  b.      Irish Sea
  c.       North Sea
 2.    Rivers:           
 a.    Severn
 b.    Thames
 c.     Trent
 d.    Clyde
 e.    Shannon
3.     Highland Areas:             
a.    Grampians
b.    Lake District
c.     Pennines
d.    Snowdonia

Human Features:

1.    Countries:    
a.    England
b.    Wales
c.     Scotland
d.    Northern Ireland
e.    the Republic of Ireland
2.    Major cities
a.    Belfast
b.    Birmingham
c.     Cardiff
d.    Dublin
e.    Edinburgh
f.     Glasgow
g.    Liverpool
h.    London
i.      Manchester
j.      Newcastle