Friday, 12 December 2014

Scholarship Question 3

3. I took this photograph outside the Theatre this morning. I was facing north. In the early hours of this morning we had wind speeds in excess of 75kph. We also had over 2.5cm of rainfall.

a) Which direction was the wind blowing?  (1 mark)

b) Give two pieces of evidence from the photograph to support your answer. (2 marks)

c) Why does the wind so often blow from this direction in the UK? (4 marks)

d) Which type of rainfall do you think caused this morning's downpour? (1 mark)

e) Describe how the shape of the land can cause rain. (7 marks)

f) Look at the bottom left corner of the photograph: there is standing water there.
   How can changes in land cover cause flooding? (10 marks)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Y8 Holiday Work Part 1

Common Entrance Candidates

I am not setting work for CE candidates this holiday, although one or two did have recommendations in your reports to go over your Dynamic Earth or Economic Activities notes. Do not forget that you will need to learn the case studies. In particular ...
Focus on the Iron and Steel industry Case Study inside the Economic Activities booklet.


As promised here are some questions for you to chose from. Email me your answers and I will mark them and get them back to you ASAP.
They should all take about half an hour and are all worth 25 marks.

1. Look at the diagram below.

a.  Define and give an example for each of the following:
     i) Primary Activities
    ii) Secondary Activities
   iii) Tertiary Activities
   iv)  Quaternary Activities      (8 marks)

b. Describe how Primary, Secondary and Tertiary employment has changed in the UK over the last 200 years. (6 marks)

c.  Explain why these changes have happened in Primary and Secondary activities . (4 marks)

d. Suggest reasons for the sudden growth of Tertiary activities in the last 40 years.   (3 marks)

e. Referring to a Secondary Activity that you have studied, explain how the ideal location for an activity can change over time. (4 marks)

2. Look at the picture below which shows Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland erupting in 2010.

a.  Name two types of volcanic hazard.  (2 marks)

b. On what type of plate boundary is Iceland located
    (conservative, constructive, collision or destructive)? (1 mark)

c. Explain why volcanoes and earthquakes are frequent in Iceland. (5 marks)

c. What impacts might this eruption have had on ...

    i) local people?
   ii) people living outside Iceland?        (10 Marks)

d. Why do people frequently live so close to volcanoes? (7 marks)

I will get some more up soon ... don't forget the Cryptic Crossword and keep an eye on the news ... in particular the weather in the Philippines and be on the watch for any more tectonic events.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Cryptic Crossword 2014

Yes ... it's here ... and it's bigger than ever before!

This year Mr Miller's Christmas Cryptic Crossword has 190 clues!

This crossword is designed to be a bit of cerebral fun to fill the post-Christmas lunch apathy period, when garandparents are starting to snooze and uncles and aunts are eyeing the brandy bottle hopefully! The aim is that the whole family work together, using technology and a lot of sideways thinking to complete this fiendish puzzle.

All of the answers are place names and this time I think that they are all in the real world ...

Please feel free to download this puzzle and try it out on your pupils, families and friends.

In the words of the Cirius Cybernetics Marketing Department ...

"Share and Enjoy"