Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Art Auction 2013

This is my fourth canvas for the school Charity Art Auction and this time I have taken the plunge and gone for some degree of realism rather than my Mondrian-esque efforts of previous years. It is a painting of the Seven Sisters cliffs on a stormy evening (see below).

Please come along on Friday and bid ... all the proceeds go to the Vanessa Grant Trust to help the Gogar Primary School in Kenya.

"Angry Sisters" 
by NLM

Video Clip Sites

Useful sites with Geographical Video Clips in them ...
Also keep an eye on Brambletube
... there might be something useful.

Mapping Sites

Useful sites with maps on them ... 
Don't forget that you can capture a screen picture and then PASTE it into your document ...

Monday, 27 May 2013

One week to go ...

One week to CE and we are on the home straight now. Y8 are running through some CE questions and using their notes to help them.