Saturday, 18 November 2017

Some thoughts for Scholars ...

How big is Africa?

This map helps you put it into perspective ...
Image result for interesting world maps

McDonald's is an example of a Trans-National Corporation (TNC)

What questions does this graphic want you to ask?

Geography in the News:

Here are some interesting articles to peruse and get your little grey cells ticking over ...

Weather and Climate

Dynamic Earth

Monday, 16 October 2017

Dark Ophelian Skies

As Ex-Hurricane Ophelia crosses Ireland we are covered in a strange brownish thick layer of cloud. The sky is distinctly Turneresque as clouds of dark orange Saharan sand almost totally obliterate the sun ... it is 3:30 pm and all of the lights are on! 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Year 8 Weathering Selfies

Last Exeat Year 8 pupils were set the task of looking around them to find examples of Weathering and take a selfie or a photograph of it with them in it. Here are some of their photos ...

Alex's Biological Weathering in Ashurst Wood

Elizabeth's Biological Weathering on her driveway

Hattie's Chemical Weathering on her steps

Ignacio found Biological Weathering in Hyde Park

Maja found some limestone at home that had been Chemically weathered

Theo found some possible Freeze-Thaw action at home.

No-one found any evidence of onion-Skin Weathering (exfoliation). Why do you think that this was harder to find?