Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Rain in the distance

Matches today and a cloud drops it's load on the Ashdown Forest.
Remember it rains as the droplets get too big and heavy and then they fall. It is really clear here as the clouds have a good flat bottom ... the air is not too turbulent and the dew point where the moisture condenses is clear to see.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Tree Watch

As we look at recent extreme trends in our weather, we begin to look at all of the contributing factors to climate change: not just the increasing levels of carbon dioxide, but also the rate of deforestation.

Scientists are beginning to try to get detailed information on global tree coverage and map it .... Live!!!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rain, rain go away ...

What is going on with the weather?

If you look at our weather archive you can see that we have had a lot of rainfall in the last three months...

Dec. 2013: 194.1 mm 
Jan. 2014: 173.5 mm
Feb. 2014: 153.9 mm       ... so far

Now 150 mm might not seem like a lot of rainfall but we have been working out how much water that really is ..

Firstly convert 150 mm into metres ... that is 0.15 m

Now, let us imagine that this amount fell over the whole of West Sussex which is 1,991 sq km ... or 1,991,000,000 sq metres.

So to find out ho many cubic metres fell we can multiply the area by the depth of rain water ... that makes ..

298,650,000 cubic metres of water

... or almost 300 million tonnes of water

... or the equivalent of almost 100 million Range Rovers falling from the sky!

Why is it raining all of the time?

It is no longer funny.  Matches are having to be cancelled as our pitches are becoming staurated and are looking more like padi fields! But why is it happening?  It is all to do with the Jet Stream, a current of fast flowing air in th eupper atmosphere ... it has moved south this year and as a result all of our weather has gone a bit off-piste!

This has led to depression after depression coming across the UK, bringing hurricane force winds and almost continuous rain.

This movement of the jet stream has had several unfortunate side effects and we have been on the brunt of most of them ..

  • The wettest January for 200 years!
  • Extensive river flooding due to extreme rainfall (Thames, Severn, etc.)
  • Coastal flooding due to storm surges and very high tides
  • Very high winds causing damage to property

Further afield there is more extreme weather happening:
  • Ice storms in the USA: some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded
  • Australian bush fires and drought
Is it all linked?  Is our climate changing?


The Met. Office are predicting winds in excess of 100mph hitting North Wales.

Click here to see the BBC webpage

When will it go away? 

Not for a while ... wrap up warm, keep dry and have a lovely, if slightly damp, half term!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Exam Revision

The Spring Exams are almost upon us ...

In order to help you revise there are some revision pages on the bottom left hand side of the Geography Pages blog...

If you cannot see them ... the notes for 7N are here. ... and the notes for Y8 are here.

Inside these pages you will find a link to a DropBox folder which has a set of my notes in just in case you have misplaced your folder or a set of notes have gone walkabouts.

Share and enjoy ...

Mr M.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

What if ...? An unusual map of the USA

What if you renamed all of the US states using countries with a similar GDP? 

More evidence of climate change?

Unpredictable changes in climate are having a major impact on the Magellanic Penguin population in Argentina.

So, 8S, is this useful evidence for your presentations? 

Boulder rolls through house in Italy

This boulder and a couple of others were released from the cliffs above by a landslide. 
Read the story and look at the photographs by clicking here (