Friday, 12 December 2014

Scholarship Question 3

3. I took this photograph outside the Theatre this morning. I was facing north. In the early hours of this morning we had wind speeds in excess of 75kph. We also had over 2.5cm of rainfall.

a) Which direction was the wind blowing?  (1 mark)

b) Give two pieces of evidence from the photograph to support your answer. (2 marks)

c) Why does the wind so often blow from this direction in the UK? (4 marks)

d) Which type of rainfall do you think caused this morning's downpour? (1 mark)

e) Describe how the shape of the land can cause rain. (7 marks)

f) Look at the bottom left corner of the photograph: there is standing water there.
   How can changes in land cover cause flooding? (10 marks)