Thursday, 10 December 2015

Scholars' Curry

Below is a chloropleth map showing which areas in the UK like the spiciest curries: it is a curry 'heat' map.

How was the data collected?
This is an interesting question and the first one that you should ask if you are looking to see if this data means anything  useful.

According to the Independent, who published this map, the data was collected by monitoring the location of social media posts that mentioned names of curries. These were then given a spice rating and were then collated to give each area a score out of 1000.

What questions could you be asked?
Describe the pattern on the map?
Where do people like the hottest and mildest curries?
If you could find another chloropleth map (e.g. average wealth, average age) to compare with this one in order to investigate a possible cause or relationship, which would you choose and why?

Thank you Dr Lee for forwarding the map!