Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Climate Change 'unreversible'

The recent meeting of Scientists and politicians in Japan have produced a report which has a bleak outlook for our future climate;

1. Our weather is set to be more extreme with flooding, droughts, heat waves and 'big freezes';
2. Global temperatures will continue to rise 
3. Permanent ice in glaciers and at the poles is melting 
4. Sea Levels will rise increasing flood risks for low lying areas such as Bangladesh
5. Crop yields will decrease whilst population continues to increase. This will lead to conflict in poorer countries and changes on crops in others: GM might be the answer.
6. There will be more wildfires in the US, the Mediterranean Coast and Australia

We have set in motion change for the next 30 years and we cannot undo it..we need to change the way in which we use our resources and our planet if we are to start healing the change after that.