Friday, 13 December 2013

Y8 Scholars Holiday Work 2

These questions are to go with the Economic Activities booklet ...

Economic Activities:

1.    For each of the following categories of economic activities, explain what they mean and give an example of an industry in each category: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary

2.    What differences would you expect to see in the percentage of people working in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors between the Rich World (MEDCs) and Poor World (LEDCs)?

3.    What do each of the following types of farm produce:

a.     Arable

b.    Pastoral

c.     Dairy

d.    Plantation

e.     Market Gardening

f.      Mixed

4.    Explain how each of the following factors affect which type of farming occurs where in the UK:

a.     Latitude

b.    Relief

c.     North Atlantic Drift (NAD)

d.    Growing Season

e.     Aspect

f.      Transport

5.    Why is most of the market gardening found in Kent and near to major cities?

6.    Draw a diagram to show how a simple factory system. Include labels for Inputs, Processes and Outputs

7.    What are the main factors that need to be thought about when a new factory is going to be built? (there are six)

8.    For each of the following types of industry, explain what it means and give an example …

a.     Market-orientated

b.    Material-orientated

c.     Footloose

9.    For an industry that you have studied (ideally, Iron and Steel in South Wales), describe how and why the ideal site has changed. (CE Question)

10.  How has manufacturing industry contributed to the following environmental issues?

a.     Global Warming

b.    Acid Rain

11.  Why is manufacturing in decline in the UK and increasing rapidly in countries such as India and China?

12.  Where are the 13 National Parks in England and Wales?

13.  Why were National Parks set up? When were they set up?

14.  Name four groups of people that use National Parks?

a.     How might conflict occur between these groups?

b.    How might the conflict be resolved?

15.  What is a Honeypot attraction in a National Park?

16.  Why are tourists important for National Parks?

17.  How do tourists damage the natural environment?

18.  What is sustainable development ?

19.  How can National Parks be developed in a sustainable way?

20.  What is meant by stewardship?